A Diverse Strategy for an Eclectic Collection

A collector of Modern and contemporary art in Miami owned a diverse collection across varying price points and styles. Placing each of the collection’s works at a single venue was neither advantageous nor available.

Art Market Liaison researched the collection in its entirety, which included works by Jean Dubuffet, Frank Stella, James Rosenquist, Lynn Chadwick and Henry Moore. We strategically placed the works in both live and online auctions, and negotiated favorable terms with each venue. The works ultimately sold in 23 different sales, with Art Market Liaison managing the whole process from start to sold.

Maximizing the Value of a Contemporary Art Collection

A prominent Miami art collecting couple who played a tremendous role in bringing Art Basel to Miami Beach hired Art Market Liaison to sell over 50 contemporary artworks, with a goal of maximizing the value of their collection at sale. The works ranged from photographs and prints to sculptures and paintings, by artists like Sol Lewitt, Ana Mendieta, Peter Saul, Roxy Paine, Louise Nevelson, and Richard Serra. Along with securing a special single owner section at the sale, which was prominently marketed to collectors, we placed works across leading live and online auction venues.