PEB Collection

The PEB collection was built over decades, and selling it deserves special attention. After carefully cataloguing their 50+ piece collection, we reached out to the best firms in the market for proposals. Through exploring all possibilities, customizing their strategy and structuring the best deal, Art Market Liaison was able to help these incredible collectors have peace of mind and maximize their value.  

LBH Collection

In Miami, LBH had no success when she called the one major firm she knew. After researching the market and gathering proposals from 7 different firms, the LBH collection went from no offers to over $42,000 of possibilities for her art and jewelry. 


BKS collection

While living in Chicago, the BKS collection was originally estimated by a reputable local firm for $24,000 - 45,000. Upon researching 8 different sale platforms and spreading the collection across the marketplace, Art Market Liaison was able to increase the value to $76,000 - 105,000. 

About the Founder

Laura A. S. Raiffe is a charismatic art professional, move maker and Miami native. She has developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the art world through various successful professional positions, unwavering passion and strong relationships built within the industry. 

In her role at Christie’s, Laura learned the intricacies of the auction business by working at the prominent global firm as their Regional Account Manager & Professional Regional Representative for Christie’s Trusts, Estates and Wealth Management division in the Southeast. She worked closely with leading collectors, advisors, institutions, and specialists on a local and global scale across fine arts, decorative arts and luxury while serving as their trusted liaison for buying, selling and appraisals. Previously, she was Assistant Director of the Fredric Snitzer Gallery in Wynwood, orchestrating over 18 exhibitions and events, exhibiting at numerous notable national and international art fairs and developing strong relationships within the primary market.

With an Art History degree from the University of Maryland & American University in Rome, experience in developing an international art investment fund, national and international public speaking engagements as well as her successful entrepreneurial venture LASR Art, Laura truly understands the art world from multiple seats at the table. To advance her commitment to the community, Laura sits on the Board of Directors of Locust Projects and the JCS Alliance. Laura A. S. Raiffe utilizes her multifaceted art professional skills and in depth understanding of the art market to best serve her clients.


Case Studies