Curious about selling? Many collectors question how to sell the art from their personal collection. However, they usually don’t have the time, interest or professional expertise to fully explore these options. Art Market Liaison researches collections piece by piece and then gets multiple quotes from auction houses, galleries and online platforms to maximize your value, ultimately selling works where they will shine. We bring the best of the marketplace to you by analyzing the results with art market expertise and offering you a full range of possibilities. Art Market Liaison can also assist with negotiating the best deal available for you and oversee all of the paperwork, shipping, as well as post-sale aspects of the transaction, so there is always a savvy art professional on your side. 


Advisors & Estates

Servicing a client with artwork in their estate or portfolio? Art Market Liaison is uniquely positioned to partner with advisors to add value and save time. Rather than getting one quote, we shop the entire art market for you. Utilizing our art market expertise, Art Market Liaison researches the entire marketplace, providing professional and transparent guidance to assist advisors in their quest for transparency and superior client service. We provide customized art collection strategies that highlight client goals and maximize the overall value of a portfolio and estate with art & luxury items. 

With successful experience in selling diverse collections across multiple sale platforms, Art Market Liaison is well equipped to explore all of the available market opportunities and assist with due diligence. In addition to strategy, when appropriate, we can advance a proposal by negotiating favorable financial terms and overseeing all of the related paperwork and logistics. Discretion is a key component to our business; protecting our client's and partner’s privacy and information is paramount.